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Membership in this organization shall be determined by a secret ballot. There shall be four (4) levels of membership:

  1. A regular member is a member in good standing that has been officiating at least two years and has made satisfactory progress as an associate member. Regular members have voting privileges.

  2. An associate member is a member in good standing who has officiated at least one year, has made satisfactory progress as a probationary/prospective member, and has been voted to "associate member" by three-fourths (¾) of the membership in the sport in which membership is being sought. An associate member serves one year prior to becoming a regular member. Associate members have voting privileges.

  3. A probationary/prospective member is one who has properly applied for membership, and is sponsored by a member currently active in the sport in which the applicant seeks membership. A probationary/prospective member may server from one to several years dependent on meeting qualifications for associate membership. Probationary/prospective members do not have voting privileges.

  4. An inactive member is one who, while in good standing, receives the Executive Board's approval to become inactive. A request for inactive status must be submitted stating reasons in writing. Inactive members will be dropped from the membership rolls after two years. An inactive member shall not be recommended as an official for any game and shall lose voting privileges when the inactive status exceeds one year.